Beehive isn’t a big agency, so you always get our A-team.


Karen Szabo, Founding Partner. With more than three decades of strategic PR experience, Karen has worked in healthcare and banking, as well as a wide range of nonprofit organizations. A writer from the start of her career, she also has a proven record of successfully planning and executing creative, strategic PR campaigns. A news junkie, she’s always on the lookout for the latest trends and topics that will help clients steal the spotlight.


Kasey Littlefield, Founding Partner. Kasey is a publicist and PR professional with more than 25 years of experience. A former news producer, Kasey’s experience has helped secure meaningful press coverage for our clients. Kasey enjoys working closely with the media and finding each client’s little “secret” that makes them stand out. She has a passion for messaging and positioning products or services for maximum impact. Plus, she absolutely loves helping our clients’ business grow using social media.

Meloni Janzen, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer. Meloni brings more than three decades of design experience to the Hive. She has been recognized for her ability to blend her skills as a professionally trained artist with the technical ability to create eye-popping graphics. A common theme to Meloni’s designs is keeping things clean, simple, and easy to navigate. As a photographer, her work has been featured in national, regional, and local print media, as well as on numerous websites.

Jeffrey Horn, Event Designer/Producer. With 25 years of experience creating fresh, edgy, brand-focused events, Jeffrey has developed a signature style which combines artistic sensibility with a hint of whimsy. Incorporating unusual conceptual designs and 3-D structures, Jeffrey specializes in stylized editorial events, consumer promotions, sponsor lounges, brand loyalty, awards programs and other brand-focused experiential events.